Extradition looming? Tajik opposition activist detained in Belarus

Farkhod Odinayev, a citizen of Tajikistan, is in custody in Belarus, human rights watchdog Human Constanta reports.

Farkhod Odinayev.

For over five years, the oppositioner had been in charge of Tajik independent television channel Sappho TV in Moscow. Amid the pressure of the Tajik authorities, the station was later closed, ozodi.org reports.

Odinayev was detained on September, 25 at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border at the request of law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan. He was placed in one of detention centres in Hrodna region.

The decision to initiate the extradition procedure is to be taken within 72 hours of the detention. After this period we will know what will await him,” human rights activist Anastasiya Loyka told Belsat.

According to her, after the decision is made, the case will be taken over by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

In Tajikistan, Farkhod Odinayev is charged under two articles of the Criminal Code, including for the alleged membership in a banned organization.

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