EU promises 'significant economic support' if Belarusian people win

The EU will help the country financially if the Belarusian people win the struggle for the right to choose and live in a state governed by the rule of law. The declaration of support for Belarus was given by the Lawrence Meredith, the head of the Eastern Neighborhood Department at the European Commission.

“The EU remains committed to finding a way out of the crisis in Belarus. (…) EU will provide Belarus with “significant economic support” in case of victory of the Belarusian people,” stated the European politician on October 17.

Under this scenario a new agreement will be signed providing access to financing from the International Monetary Fund and financial assistance from the EU, which Belarus headed by Lukashenka cannot count on.

“We are all ready to offer such support as soon as there is a transition to democratic Belarus. Our absolute priority is to support the democratization of Belarus,” Meredith said.

At present, a package and system of EU assistance to civil society in Belarus, to young people, to independent media, but not to state structures, is being formed.