EU ambassador explains when simplified visa regime will kick in

H.E. Andrea Wiktorin has expressed the opinion that there is only one step remaining before the agreement on simplifying the visa regime between Belarus and the European Union can be signed. The diplomat spoke about this in an interview with

Negotiations on visa facilitation began in 2014. According to Wiktorin, the last obstacle for signing the document was the Poland’s proposal to increase the number of consuls.

The EU has made a compromise proposal to the official Minsk in this area.

“I think this will be the last step, and we will only have to complete the procedure.”

If the parties agree on the text, it will take the EU two or three months to sign it.

Andrea Wiktorin hopes that the agreement will be signed before the price increase. The diplomat added that this is in the interests of the European Union.

Парадак выдачы візаў у краіны ЕЗ спрашчаецца, але візавы збор павялічыцца з 60 да 80 еўраў

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