Estonian Justice Ministry calculates damage caused by ‘Soviet occupation’

According to estimates of the Estonian Ministry of Justice, the membership of Estonia in the USSR led to losses of € 1.2 billion.

The head of the special commission engaged in the calculations, historian Toomas Hiio believes that Estonia cannot refuse to demand compensation, since this would mean recognition of voluntary accession to the USSR.

The report of the commission notes that 49,500 Estonians fell victim to the Stalinist repressions, 24,100 people died during the Second World War, 139,400 people were forced to leave Estonia. Estonia lost the Pechersk district and the territory beyond Narva. According to the authors of the report, human losses can be considered genocide.

Baltic states set to seek reparation for Soviet occupation

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls the claims of the Baltic countries unfounded and does not agree with the phrase “occupation”. The Ministry calls the compensation figure “pseudoscientific and politically biased calculations”.,

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