Estonia may stop air traffic with Belarus over coronavirus

In order to stop the spread of coronavirus, the Estonian government is considering the limitations and possibilities of the airlines. Officials of the ministries suggest stopping air travel with Belarus, writes.

The Estonian government notes that flights from Tallinn should be resumed gradually and based on the epidemiological situation in other countries. Officials believe that each new easing of restrictions promotes the growth of contacts, and this can contribute to the growth of diseases.

“Therefore in the coming days it will be clear whether it is possible to open air traffic with Amsterdam and Copenhagen from the next week. We monitor the epidemiological situation in other countries on a daily basis in cooperation with the Department of Health. Based on this information we will make decisions about the opening of airlines. Of course, it is necessary to close air traffic with Minsk as soon as possible, as the level of the virus spread in Belarus is alarming,” said Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Taavi Aas.

According to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, 26,772 cases of coronavirus cases were registered in our country as of May 14. There have been 151 COVID-19 death cases so far.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 1,758 people are infected in Estonia. Sixty-two have died from coronavirus.