Empty shelves in hypermarket owned by Lukashenka’s arrested bagman


A resident of Minsk visited a ProStore hypermarket that belongs to the arrested Belarusian billioner Yury Chyzh.

“The shop assistants were covering empty shelves with black packaging film and scotch-taping them. We tried to take a picure of these action but they did not let us do that saying they were about to call security guards. Therefore, I managed to photograph only new empty rows. Many refrigerators are off, only some of them are in operation. There are no discounted prices on fish and meat. The selection of goods is very poor. There is no fresh fish, only frozen. The hypermarket is not even able to buy roll-on deodorants – they were not available.”

Chyzh’s business empire has been experiencing significant challenges since March 2016. The ProStore retail chain is having difficulty clearing arrears to suppliers who, in turn, suspended or stopped delivering new batches of goods.

Yury Chyzh, one of the country’s most influential businessmen and so-called Lukashenka’s bagman, was arrested on March,11 by the Belarusian State Security Committee (KGB).

Mr Chyzh, the owner of Triple group of companies (the ProStore retail chain is part of it), has beeen charged with commission of an offense under Part 2 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (evasion of taxes and duties on a large scale).

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belsat.eu, via gazetaby.com

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