Emotions run high as ‘nationalist sentiments’ of Belarusians get lambasted on Russian TV yet again


Belarus-Russia relations were once again analyzed in the “Segodnya” program on NTV.

The presenters said that the BPF Party accused Russian TV channels of inciting ethnic hatred and information warfare, calling on the authorities to limit their broadcasting.

The program shows fragments of a video in which a Belarusian-speaking guy pushes a man in a Cossack’s cap and drives him out of the metro car with the words: “Suitcase, train station, Russia”.

“Who in a terrible dream could predict that in the capital of Belarus, in Minsk, people would be attacked only because they are Russian,” asks the moderator.

According to NTV journalists, the West never concealed the fact that “to have such a strong competitor as the union of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine is unbeneficial”.

“It is easier to play the nationalist card, and then deal with each of them separately.”

The author of the story claims that according to historians, before the beginning of the last century, such states as Ukraine and Belarus did not exist, since they were parts of the Russian Empire.

“The Soviet government changed the layout, drawing new borders and making the two established republics a privileged part of the Union. And it really was a union of fraternal peoples … Will Ukraine or even Belarus, split off from the union of Slavic peoples, have any prospects? After all, the history of our nations suggests that it is better to stick together. ”

A few days ago, Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov expressed the opinion that if Belarus turns its back on Russia, our country will cease to exist.

Кісялёў лічыць, што Беларусь без Расеі знікне


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