Eleven Belarusian bisons moved to Smolensk region


Bisons get released from cages. Photo: poozerie.ru

Eleven bisons have been released in the Russian national park “Smolensk Lakes”, interfax.by reports.

The Biosphere Reserve plans to breed a population of bisons that will live in the natural environment.


Bisons get released from cages. Photo: poozerie.ruThe 5-year-old male was brought from the Yaroslavl zoo. Five females were brought from Belarus. Five baby bisons were born already in the national park.

Bisons born in the Smolensk national park. Photo: poozerie.ru

The neck of one of the adult females had a GPS-tracker and SMS transmission device fixed to it (the device sends messages with the location coordinates of the bison).

“Now the park staff has the task of keeping the bison in the feeding area until spring, providing them with high quality feed and reliable protection,” the National Park’s website reports.

The national park “Smolensk Lakes” covers about 3% of the Smolensk region territory (146 thousand hectares).

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