Ex-political prisoner: We will help Ukrainians, and Belarus can count on their support in our war


A video about the Belarusian volunteer Eduard Lobau who is fighting for freedom of Ukrainians.

“I am not particularly afraid for one simple reason that sooner or later death will come for everyone. There is no man it has not come for,” said Eduard Lobau.

Earlier, the man served in the mobile troops in Belarus. Later he became co-chair of the Young Front. Later on he was sentenced to 4 years (in 2011).

Eduard believes that the knowledge acquired during service in the Belarusian army is helping him now but he is constantly honing his skills:

“There is never too much military training, it always needs improvement. No matter how much you know in this area, all the time you’ll learn something new. It is a never ending training.”


In Ukraine, Eduard Lobau has been fighting as a volunteer since the summer of 2015 – “against Russia and for the freedom of Ukrainians.” Now he is serving in one of the units near Mariupol. He hopes that, if necessary, he will be able to use the acquired skills during the defense of Belarus.

“Belarusians are fighting for the independence of Ukraine, but the fact is that if we do not help Ukrainians to win independence here, the next war will be with us. If we will help Ukrainians, it will be possible to count on their help in our war,” Eduard Lobau explains his participation in hostilities.

See video about the Belarusian volunteer in the program “Prasviet” (World and Us).

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