Economist Ramanchuk: Fourth industrial revolution coming

Minsk is hosting the 7th International Business Forum involving more than 700 domestic and foreign participants, among them more than two dozen representative speakers.

Today, SMEs in particular have a lot of questions to the government. Although this topic on the forum is not prevalent. French Ambassador has said that relations between the countries are “on the rise”, as a delegation of French businessmen is currently heading to Belarus. He also said that a program of cooperation between the EU and Belarus will be adopted at the summit in Brussels. The official Minsk is confidently playing with the West and getting what it wants.

“This forum will bring little change to specific businessmen. Taxes will not go down, but if government officials are saying that business activity is good, in the case of an attack on business such statements can be used as an intangible asset,” says Yaraslau Ramanchuk, guest of the Belsat program.

According to the economist, “the state has come to understand” that SMEs are to become the new sources of economic growth.

“That is why Lukashenka says that it is necessary to radically change the working conditions for the ordinary people, so that investors and money came to the country. If we do not do this, we will be pushed even from traditional markets and we will resemble a feudal principality,” said the expert.

Yaraslau Ramanchuk praised the work of the National Bank, commented on the “in the trend” government officials and the main shortcomings of the Belarusian economic model.


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