Early voting is ‘convenient and effective’ Belarus CEC head claims

At the upcoming parliamentary election, the Belarusian authorities are not going to abandon the practice of early voting criticized by the opposition, the CEC Chair Lidziya Yarmoshyna said on the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio.

Что с вашим калькулятором, Ермошина?

“Early voting is very effective. If we remember the elections in 2016, 31% of voters voted early. This approach is very convenient for voters, we will not give it up,” said the head of the Central Election Commission.

Meanwhile, the opposition claims that Belarusians are massively forced to vote early when the ballot can be easily rigged.

Избирательные комиссии снова не покажут наблюдателям бюллетени

Also, the Central Election Commission of Belarus will not recommend the election commissions to show the ballots to observers at the polling station when counting the votes this year. Thus, they won’t be able to see who the people had voted for.


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