Each protester will be detected and punished – Prosecutor General

Belarus’ Prosecutor General Andrey Shved. Photo: Vladimir Nikolsky / Reuters / Forum

All participants in unauthorised mass events will be held liable, Belarus’ Prosecutor General Andrey Shved said on Thursday.

According to him, the situation in Minsk and other cities is ‘controlled’, it is ‘getting better with every passing day’.

“All the guilty will be punished sooner or later,” Shved said.

‘Not a single blogger, not a single person who committed a crime not only during unauthorised events, but also on the Internet, will evade responsibility,’ he stressed. The Prosecutor General promised to hold public trials of a number of related criminal cases in the next few months.

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The Prosecutor General’s Office is pushing for stepping up measures taken against parents whose children take part in protests, Andrey Shved stated. In his telling, law enforcement agencies ‘promptly identify these individuals and give information about them to prosecutors and child protection services’.

In addition, Shved believes that the so-called violators must make compensation for the economic harm inflicted on the state.

“There is only one approach: if one shows up at an unauthorised rally, their pocket will be hit. And the fines are hefty,” he said.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka appointed Andrey Shved Prosecutor General two weeks ago. Previously, the official headed the State Committee for Forensics. In 2011, he was in charge of the team investigating the explosion in the Minsk metro; he also initiated a criminal case against Belarusian human rights defender Ales Byalyatski. Shved was on the EU sanctions list for quite some time.

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