Dzyanis K. beaten in prison dies

Dzyanis K., beaten in Akrestsins detention center, has died today in an emergency hospital. The man was admitted on September 29 with multiple injuries. Belsat learned about his death from the relatives.

Dzyanis K. received fractures of the skull bones, numerous hematomas, an open craniocerebral injury of a moderate degree, fractures of the ribs, fractures of the right iliac bone and other injuries. Until his death he was unconscious in intensive care unit.

“Yesterday he had a third operation. He was on the life support machine, in serious condition. The doctors did not give any predictions as to his health. He is a non-conflict person. We cannot understand how he got to the Akrestsina Street. We don’t know the circumstances. He went to work, said that he would be back in a day. He did some odd jobs, but was not officially emloyed,” said a relative of the deceased.

Dzyanis, according to the woman, did not go out to the protests, he lived his own life.

“Usually Dzyanis goes away for work for several days. We knew that he would be away. But they could not even imagine that this could happen to him. We just got a call from the hospital. We do not know how and who beat him. We were told at the hospital that he managed to tell the doctors that he was beaten by the police. But the policemen, in turn, said that he had fallen from the second tier of the bed. But of course, with such injuries, we understand that this is impossible,” says Dzyanis’ sister-in-law.

Remand center on Akrestsina Street. Minsk, Belarus. August 13, 2020 Photo: Alyaksandr Vasyukovich / /

Dzyanis’s relatives add that they do not understand the cruel treatment.

“I don’t know what to say. Even if he was detained, then why beat him? He couldn’t insult or shout. Why could he be beaten? Who could beat him? The policemen, or cellmates, we do not understand this,” adds Dzyanis’s sister-in-law.

Photo: Belsat

Pavel, the brother of the deceased Dzyanis K., told that he does not know whether his brother took part in the protests and how he ended up in the detention center. The doctors only told Pavel that upon admission, the employees of the detention center told them that the man had fallen from the second tier of the bunk bed.