Drunk military vehicle drivers detained in Russia

Police chased drunk Petersburgers on the highway and in the fields, and then running through the woods.

Around 5 am, on February 7, Kingisepsk district police (Leningrad Region of Russia) learned that unknown persons in an APC were ruining the garden of a local resident.

Traffic police officers arrived at the scene and found a military vehicle at the entrance to the seaport of Ust-Luga. APC was driving at high speed directly towards the police Ford. Crashes avoided, police set out in pursuit of the APC, which after a while drove into the field, the police ffollowing it.

When the police car got bogged down, law enforcement officers continued the chase on foot, running after the offenders, of which there were two. On examination, the 30-year-old driver was drunk. Both of them were from St. Petersburg, one of the perpetrators had a cottage and boat in the Kingisepsk area. They had no papers for the carrier, which is now at the impound lot. The driver is facing the administrative responsibility for driving in a drunken state.

belsat.eu,  47news.ru

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