Drug convicts’ relatives go on hunger strike, want to see Lukashenka


Publiée par Ларыса Шчыракова sur vendredi 27 avril 2018

The women whose relatives are serving sentences for drug use (Article 328 of the Criminal Code), has started an indefinite hunger strike. They are seeking mitigation for drug felons and a personal meeting with president Lukashenka.

Overnight into Friday, six mothers of convicts gathered in a confidential place in the Belarusian town of Kalinkavichy and went on hunger striking. They are going to use only liquids. According to belsat.eu information, 3 or 4 persons will join the group, and then those who are now on hunger strike in Pukhavichy region will come. In total, about 20 people are set to take part in the protest.

The main demand the Mothers-328 movement are putting forward is making amendments into the Criminal Code. They believe that punishment for drug users is disproportionate and too severe, e.g. up to 10 years behind bars for half a gram of some drug.

“A man whose wife is serving her term under Article 328 wanted to join us, but the police summoned him on suspicion of stealing a car. Another woman was contacted by her ex-husband who warned her against the hunger strike. He threatened to take away her son,” Tatsyana, one of the strikers, told Belsat.

The Mother-328 representatives repeatedly turned for local authorities’ and deputies’ help, but in vain.

“First and foremost, we would like to meet with our top officials, in particular with Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Over the recent years, we have filed a stack of applications to the state bodies, but there was no reaction. It is our despair that is behind today’s actions,” she said.

Our reporter who is at the scene will keep monitoring the situation.

Кatsyaryna Andreyeva, belsat.eu

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