‘Driving enemy off state border’: Russian raiders, Belarus soldiers sent on joint wargame in Brest

60 Russian soldiers will learn how to ‘block and displace illegal armed groups’ near the Belarusian city of Brest which is not far from the border with Poland. The Belarusian tactical team is also expected to participate in the wargame.

There will be three rounds of the military exercises which include parachuting, air landing and combat shooting.

The group of airborne raiders is ready to take off, the Commander of the 3rd Parachute Company of the 104th Guards Airborne Regiment of the Pskov division told военное.рф on April 3. During the exercises identifying and blocking of illegal armed groups and driving a maneuver enemy off the state border will be rehearsed. Equipment, weapons and communication tools will be provided by the Belarusian side.

The visit of the Russian military in Belarus will last 10 days. The Russians are also planning to visit the Brest Fortress. The exact starting date of the wargame is not reported.


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