Donetsk: 7-year boy boasts of helping separatists kill Ukrainians (video)

Russian journalist Alexander Tverskoy posted a video featuring 7-year-old boy Nikita who shows off his friendship with separatists from the so-called Donetsk Republic.

“Listen to the hell that the ‘Russian world’ put into his head. Does the boy have future? I doubt it,” the journalist said.

In the video, the boy says that he goes to his ‘brothers’ by bike.

“I helping them in shootings every day. Everytime a Ukrainian runs out, we take a grenade launcher fire, and done, he is f*cked,” the boy said.

Most commentators who are outraged over the boy’s story say that he is neither first nor last child, whose mental health has been ruined by war. But there are those who believe that the video is nothing but staging and provocation.

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