Donbas: To take or not to take. Putin lost in translation

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has given a lesson of Ukrainian to the Russian leader.

At a meeting with entrepreneurs, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that during the Minsk peace talks, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko offered Putin to take Ukraine’s eastern separatist territories, an area known as ‘Donbas’, Forbes reported referring to sources close to the meeting.

According to the sources, Putin said that Poroshenko directly told him: ‘Take Donbas!’ Putin allegedly answered ‘Are you nuts or something? I don’t need Donbass. If you don’t need it either, then proclaim its independence!’ 

Another source speaking to Forbes said that Putin claimed that Poroshenko proposed for Russia to take over the financing of Donbas, while Putin answered that this is possible only if Donbas becomes part of Russia, reports.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s press secretary, failed to confirm or deny the information.

Yevhen Perebyinis, spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Poroshenko must have spoken to Putin in Ukrainian.

In his opinion, Poroshenko could say  ‘забирайтеся з Донбасу’ (get out of Donbas!) in Ukrainian, not ‘забирай Данбаc’ (take Donbas) in Russian.

‘Get out of Donbas’ does not mean ‘take Donbas’, quite the contrary,’ Perebyinis said on Twitter.

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