Director Syarhei Kalasouski films trailer for book by Belsat journalist


Booktrailer of the book “Asylum”

Syarhei Kalasouski has filmed a video for Dzmitry Kustouski’s book “Asylum”.

The book tells the story of a young emigrant who left his country and asked for political asylum in Poland.

The filming process took place mainly at the bus station Warszawa Zachodnia witht the participation of the operator Yahor Yafimau. The video lasting almost 3 minutes is made as an interview with the allegedly main character of the novel — the 19-year-old Aleh.

Syarhei Kalasouski believes that the video was a success, the character turned out believable, “you believe that he exists”:

“The author managed to identify a modern character who is looking for himself but can find nobody. I did not want to describe the scenes from the book, I wanted to understand what kind of person it describes. That’s why we chose this form, an interview. I think this trailer enriches the text. After watching the video, readers will understand the book better”.

The director confesses that he would be interested in making videos for the books of other Belarusian authors, for example, Alhierd Bacharevic or Victor Martinovich, if there were such offers.

“I was very interested in the form of the booktrailer, I wanted to read the book and make a generalization of the thought, which the author wanted to convey,” the director adds.

Syarhei Kalasouski is a Belarusian director, and also a screenwriter. His script “Solomon Mountain”, co-authored with Mikalai Lauranyuk, received a special jury prize “ScripTeast” at the Cannes Film Festival.

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