Dynamo Brest: Maradona has done his duty, let him go?

A story of the legendary Argentine football player Diego Maradona and the football club Dynamo Brest seems to be coming to its end, foreign media report.

“We do not comment on rumours,” Volha Khizhankova, Spokeswoman for the club, said when asked about Maradona’s leaving.

But journalists know that the club often releases an official comment from when rumours become facts.

“Since recently, it has not been so easy to take news about Maradona seriously. During his visit to Brest, one could see that Diego was hardly aware of what he was doing there and what he would be doing, although he did not have difficulty using sounding words,” Syarhei Azarkevich, a journalist at the sports newspaper Pressball, said.

“Sometimes it is hard to understand what is happening in Dynamo Brest. But the results are plain to see – the club is in the full glare of publicity. The termination of the contract will also play into Dynamo’s hansds – upon condition that the contract does not provide a big compensation to Maradona in case of its early breaking. But we will definitely not be informed about it, all financial affairs of Dynamo are classified. The club was knocked out of the League of Europe; it is highly unlikely to get there next year – so, one can save money. Moreover, all Maradona could do for the Brest club is already done: the name of the club made head hit the headlines. It is not ruled out that it was intended so,” Azarkevich added.

Photo by Vasil Malchanau, belsat.eu

In May, the legendary Argentine football player became the board chairman of the FC Dynamo (Brest). It was reported that Diego Maradona would deal with strategic development of the club, as well as interact with all its structural units, including the children’s academy Dynamo-Brest.

But Maradona hardly had influence on the events in Dynamo. For example, he agreed on inviting Cristian Kampestrini, but it turned out that the club was not going to buy the Argentine goalkeeper. In addition, Maradona was expected to live in Belarus. But in the end all was limited to one visit in mid July.

Since then, Dynamo has replaced two coaches, foound itself in a scandal when withdrawing Artsyom Mileuski from the club, and actually lost the chance to get medals in the championship. This means that Dynamo might be left without the European cups. Therefore, a possible farewell to Maradona seems logical and timely.


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