Democratic teams ‘meet together and discuss Victory Plan 2021’

Details of the plan will be revealed next week.

Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s office, the Coordinating Council, the People’s Anti-Crisis Office, Veranika and Valery Tsapkala will mobilize forces to:

– help people affected by repression;

– build up protest activity;

– excercise economic and political pressure on the regime;

– support local communities;

– create safe tools to express the voice of the majority;

– increase support for democratic forces by public servants;

– restore the rule of law and punish the perpetrators of violence.

“We are convinced: 2021 is the time to act, to mobilize all resources, to demonstrate that we are the majority. We are already preparing joint campaigns for February and support for mass street protests in the spring. We are working together to bring our common victory and new elections closer,” reads the press release from the meeting.

A press conference to reveal the details of the plan is scheduled for next week.