Defense Ministry unveils plans for May 9 parade

According to the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, the parade on the 75th anniversary of Victory Day will be held in “traditional format”. It is planned that the parade will be attended by Russian and Chinese military personnel.

According to the Ministry, the parade “is planned to be held in the evening in the traditional format (marching and mechanized troops, the air troops fly by). It will last up to 60 minutes. The parade will end with a concert of the joint company of honor guard and a performance of the joint orchestra.

“Active preparations for the parade are currently underway. The trainings are held three times a week. The marching column practices on the square of the Minsk military commandant’s office, while the mechanized column – on the Lipki airfield. On May 5 and 7, the general trainings are planned to be held in the city of Minsk,” the Ministry notes.

The parade column will include 22 parade formations with a total number of more than 3,000 people (20 Belarusians, 2 – from Russia and China). As part of the mechanized column, the parade will involve 18 parade formations and 185 units of equipment (16 Belarusian parade formations and 2 Russian).

The column will be headed by the T-34 tank, then there will be 13 formations from the Belarusian army, which will include only new and modernized models of military equipment, the parade calculation of the Lis light armored vehicles from the Interior Ministry troops, the parade formations from the State Military Industrial Committee, which will include 27 newest weapon systems and military equipment.

The Russian army is planning to participate in the parade formation of BTR-82A and that of Iskander operational-tactical missile systems.

There will be 42 airplanes (34 Belarusian and 8 Russian) flying over the city.

Last week, Lukashenka promised that despite the coronavirus, no festivities on the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War would be canceled.