Defendant refused medical help by judge during trial

The recent trial ended for the human rights activist Aleh Volchak not only with a new punishment, but also with a visit to hospital. Volchak felt bad During the hearing, but the judge Yauhen Pisarevich did not pay any attention to it.

An ambulance was called by Andrey Bandarenka present at the trial.

Articles 2 and 5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses clearly state that the hearing could not continue, if there is a threat to life and health to one of the participants. Actions of the judge can be qualified as torture, cruel and inhuman treatment,” said human rights activist Andrei Bandarenka.

This was the third trial of Volchak over his participation in the opposition March.

Resolution of the past trials were canceled due to the numerous violations, but the hearing in question had even more of them. The judge was so much in a hurry to finish the job, that he even did not allow defense witnesses to testify, and all the requests of Aleh Volchak were refused.

This is not the first time that the detention and trials ended up with serious health problems. In March, an opposition politician Alyaksandr Lahvinets, who was diagnosed with a concussion, was taken to hospital from the court room. As a result of arrests, poet Uladzimir Neklyayeu had four hypertensive crises, and an ambulance was called to his every other trial.

Once Volchak was taken to hospital with a hypertensive crisis, the trial continued.

According to the prosecution, the lawyer shouted the slogan “Long live Belarus!”, thus expressing his disagreement with the tax policy. As a result, instead of 13 days in prison the judge Pisarevich punish human rights activist with a fine of 575 BYN.

Vitaut Siuchyk, “Belsat”

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