Deans and rectors want pressure from Educational Ministry to stop

The Ministry of Education is considering the introduction of the so-called dual education system that exists in Germany. According to this system, students receive theoretical knowledge at the university and practical knowledge at the factory. In this case, all education is paid by the company, and students receive a salary from the first day.

Vadzim Mazheika, an expert in the field of culture and education:

“The system itself is quite advanced. This is the moment when, perhaps, we could say that the authorities heard independent experts, but here the idea of ​​the authorities coincides with what the experts said, at least my colleagues and I, when we were developing a paper about the so-called human capital for the reform project. […] But here we must understand that the German system, its transfer, it is not possible, if we are talking only about this part, about one education. You need to understand that it will be in context. […] With regard to the reassignment, I would like to draw your attention to the strange wording, since the letter says that there are many people who complete the reassignment period and do not come to work, this fact indicates the insufficient work of educational institutions with the graduates and employers. In my opinion, this is what is called shifting the blame, since, in fact, the educational institutions did not come up with a reassignment system, and I am sure that many deans and rectors would be glad to avoid constant pressure from the Educational Ministry…”

We also asked young people on Minsk streets what they thought about this mandatory assignment after the free higher education.

Syarhei Herman studied for 6 years in the assigned place at university and had to work 5 years in the Ashmyany district. However, instead of this, the young man decided to pay a considerable sum to the state. He believes his freedom is worth more:

“If we talk about the amount I paid, it was 13,128 rubles for 6 years, because I also paid for the MA course, where I also studied on the state budget funds. The amount could be more, but now stipends are not taken into account. If you pay for tuition. It is worth it. I thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion that it was worth it.”

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