Dates of large-scale crises under Putin taped over at Moscow exhibition

Photo — Alexey Shivrin

In the historical-patriotic park “Russia is My Story” located at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, the dates connected with large-scale crises during the presidency or premiership of Vladimir Putin were taped over. Alexey Shivrin, one of the visitors to the exhibition, drew attention to this on Facebook.

The poster had the following dates taped over: that of the “Kursk” submarine tragedy in August 2000, the date when terrorists seized the Theater Center on Dubrovka in October 2002, the date of the terrorist attack in Beslan in September 2004 and the dates of the war with Georgia in 2008.

According to Shivrin, the poster is located next to the stairs near the entrance to the pavilion. Nearby is the entrance to the scientific show dedicated to Russian scientists.

In the comments to Shivrin’s post, one of the users wrote that in the souvenir shop you can purchase a smaller copy of the signboard with the listed dates still on.

In an interview with Dozhd TV channel a spokesperson for the “Russia is My Story” project confirmed that the exhibition has a banner with taped over dates. According to him, this banner is not part of the exhibition.

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