Dalmatian pelican spotted in Belarus first time in 150 years

Фота дня

This species of pelicans have not been seen in the country for almost 150 years.

The news came from the society “Protection of Local Birds”, which found the picture with a bird in the social networks.

Fisherman Alyaksandr Rozin saw the unusual specimen during the fishing competition, took photos and posted them on the Internet. Ornithologists recognized the Dalmatian pelican and settled out on a journey to find the bird the next day.

The adult bird was found – the pelican was floating on the deiced area of ​​the river Drut below Chygirynsky reservoir in Mahiliou region.

According to ornithologist Alyaksandr Vincheuski, we shoud not worry about the bird – this kind of pelicans is used to low termperatures.

The Dalmatian pelican is the largest representative of its kind and one of the largest flying birds on earth. Its wingspan can reach 3.5 meters. The bird is listed in the International Red List, its amount is estimated at only 4,000-5,000 pairs.


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