Cyber forces will appear in Estonia

Riho Terras (C) and Petr Pavel (R)

Cyber forces command will start working in August 2018, Riho Terras, the commander of the Estonian Defense Forces said at a press conference with General Petr Pavel, chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

According to Riho Terras, the Estonian army is in sore need of such specialists.

“In Estonia, there are not enough IT-specialists who are interested in the issue. Our task is to attract people who would like to do active military service,” he said.

Some NATO members that are unable to contribute to the Alliance on a par with big powers could focus on some specific areas, General Petr Pavel believes.

He advised Estonia to get to grips with cyber-protection:

“Under your direction a number of activities were carried out, e.g. the Cyber ​​Coalition exercise which advanced cyber-understanding.”

Estonia is a very helpful Alliance member which took part in most NATO activities, the Czech General stressed., following Interfax

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