CSTO members drill: Belarusian scouts show new uniform off in Tajikistan


In the mountains of Tajikistan the CSTO member states have hold the largest ever military drill in the history of the countries’ surveillance units.

40 Belarusian military intelligence and special reconnaissance servicemen took part in the event ‘Poisk-2016’ (Search-2016). In total, about 1,500 from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia were involved.

According to the drill legend, the participants’ task was to seek out and destroy terrorist groups in the highlands.

The new uniform, arms and qualification made the Belarusian scouts stand out against their counterparts from other countries, the Belarusian Military Newspaper reports.

“These uniform samples have excellent masking properties, they are suitable in the forest and marshland, and at high altitudes as well. These new ankle boots and uniform made by Belarusian enterprises proved themselves in the local climatic conditions. In general, our equipment provides us with the opportunity to fulfil any task in the area,” Colonel Aleh Tupik told the newspaper.

In the course of the wargame the Belarusian soldiers seized mortar positions of ‘militants’, fired mortars and demonstrated their skills in high-speed shooting in case of a sudden clash with the enemy.


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