‘Crown prince’ becomes man: Russian TV attacks Lukashenka’s son

Belarus president Alyaksandr Lukashenka has come under fire of Russian state-run media again.

When Lukashenka was visiting China, Russian journalists got back to the subject of Belarus. However, hot-button issues triggered a wave of mockery instead of being reviewed.

A week ago, Tigran Keosayan, a Russian film director and host at the NTV channel, made a joke on Belarus’ sending humanitarian help to Ukrainians hit by the conflict in Donbas. In the latest episode of the same TV program (International Sawmill) he cracked a cheap joke on Lukashenka’s younger son Kolya and named him ‘crown prince’.

„[The wife of Chinese President] kissed him on both cheeks. A boy arrived in China, but a man will return to Belarus,” the host said and suggested that was the real aim of Lukashenka’s visit to China.

Officially, another stage of tensions between Moscow and Minsk has been already history, because the parties managed to agree on oil and gas issues. However, shortly after Lukashenka’s attempts to find new partners in Beijing new sanctions against Belarusian dairy enterprises were introduced by Russia.

Interestingly, Vladimir Putin and Alyaksandr Lukashenka failed to meet face to face during the summit in China.

“Such wars will continue on all fronts. Russian media and officials are highly likely to attack Belarus again,” Belarusian journalist Vital Tsyhankou believes.

It is not ruled out that new problems will emerge in the formally flawless dialogue in the near future.


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