Criminal case against blogger Kabanau reopened

The criminal case against the blogger and activist from Byaroza Aliaksandr Kabanau has been reopened.

“Brest regional prosecutor’s office has reopened the case. I haven’t received any documents yet, but I know about it from the lawyer. In general, I suspect that I will receive a search warrant. I have certain grounds to believe so. They need to continue doing their job somehow,” Alyaksandr Kabanau told Belsat.

A criminal case against Alyaksandr Kabanau was initiated in March this year. He was charged with misappropriation of money from the association of homeowners. The case was initiated on the application of Kabanau’s neighbor, who works for the police. The neighbor testified that Kabanau, when he worked two years ago as society chairman, appropriated about 400 rubles. In fact, it turned out that Kabanau received a salary of 120 rubles per month for his work as chairman. Therefore, in July, the criminal case was terminated for lack of corpus delicti. But now they decided to reopen it.

Alyaksandr Kabanau is a well-known blogger, as well as an opponent of the construction of a battery factory near Brest. Kabanau was nominated for the elections to the House of Representatives, but he was not registered. In addition, President Alyaksandr Lukashenka criticized the activists in Brest for “yelling violently”.

“I want the youth to continue to rely only on themselves, to show themselves more actively. But I don’t want them to “yell” like they did in Brest, as I know, but I warned you, when you had your 1,000th birthday, that you had some of these “battery factory” people. When the election campaign starts, you’ll understand why they were “yelling”. They were all nominated as candidates for deputies. That is, they don’t care about this battery factory, they are ready to go to Minsk tomorrow and hang around this street and behave quietly or yell in Minsk squares,” said the head of state.

Policemen in Brest were pursuing opponents of the battery factory construction. A criminal case was opened against Moses Mazko for possession of ammunition. But the investigators stopped the case.

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