Courtyard marches and flash mobs continue despite freezing weather on January 17

Harsh weather has arrived in Belarus. But the traditional protests do not stop. Although the authorities have repeatedly promised to have them finish. Belsat follows the events of the 162nd day of protests.

Thanks to severe frosts, the flash mob with paint is becoming increasingly popular among Belarusians. Videos of them are sent in by our readers.

63-year-old Alena Hnauk is accused of “organizing and preparing actions, grossly violating public order, or actively participating in them”. She faces up to three years in prison.

Alena Hnauk in the village of Tkachy. Photo:

Valer Astrynski. Photo: FacebookSince summer, a WRW flag with Pahonia (Chase) had been hanging at the Astrynski’s house in the Iuye district. The police officer filed a report on him for “solitary picketing” – someone from the neighbors allegedly complained about it. Later that night Astrynski was detained and now he is in Iuye police station.

Beautiful video from creative Belarusian women.

Creative Belarusians are not lost in harsh weather conditions.

Bright flash mob in Brylevichy.

Protests in Salihorsk. Photo: Belsat readers.Here’s another video for good mood.

News from Prauda Square. Residents write to “Belsat”: “We haven’t made new murals for a long time, we are watched, we are chased, and the only thing we have time for is to restore our Pahonya and hang our flag. We are charged, we are not broken, our faith is strong, the right moment will come and we will come out in full force!!! A small thank you from us to Nivea, Skoda and Tissot. It’s valuable to us.”

A mural on Prauda Square in Minsk to thank the sponsors of the Ice Hockey World Cup from grateful residents. Photo: Belsat readers

It became known that journalist Halina Abakunchyk was fined for her reportage on “Belsat”. Leninski District Court fined her 50 basic units for video reportage from the March of Neighbors on 29 November 2020. It was regarded as “illegal production of media products”.

Yard march took place in the area of Tractor village and a bicycle factory, a few dozen people with white-red-white symbols went out into the street. The rallies were held by the residents of Kurasoushchyna and Uruchcha.

Supporters of Alyaksandr Lukashenka also came out to the protest action in Uruchcha.

Despite a 20-degree frost, the residents of Baraulyany, near Minsk, came out in the morning. “Sveta is our president!”, “Long Live Belarus!”, “Lukashenka – to the camps!”, they chanted.