Court takes side of battery factory in environmental dispute

On March 12, the Brest regional court did not satisfy the environmentalists’ complaint about the termination of the plant construction.

At the end of January, the NGO Ecodom and several private individuals appealed to the court of Brest with an appeal of suspension of the economic activities of the company “AiPower” from March 12 to 21.

In response, the plant asked the court that the applicants provide possible damages for the defendant in the amount of 861.754, 64 BYN by depositing the amount to the court deposit account.

The decision of the Brest regional court was not in favor of the opponents of the plant construction.

“The plaintiff demanded that the construction be suspended for the time of the case hearing, but he was refused. Representatives of the plant said that if the construction was stopped, they would incur losses, and named the amount of possible losses. In such actions of representatives of the plant, I see manipulation, people’s rights are violated, and “AiPower” is responsible for this. Why do people have to pay for this? ” says Raman Kislyak in an interview with Belsat.

The main hearing of the case on the termination of the plant construction will be held on March 21.

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