Closer to real you: How Belsat helps people


Belsat not only covers the most important Belarusian and foreign events, but also helps viewers to solve their problems.

Twelve years of our work prove that our activity is more than journalism.

“Over the years, we have realized that we are really helping to solve people’s problems,” said Volha Shved, responsible for the development of interactive media at Belsat.

For example, after our stories were published, the Mazyr border guards refused to burn half a thousand parrots, salaries in Syanno increased to 700 BYN (earlier they were 70 BYN), and workers of the Dokshytsy farmstead finally began to receive payment for work.

In 2017, thanks to our channel, the inhabitants of the Agricultural Settlement in Minsk were able to save the local park from destruction.

“Belsat helped us a lot, nobody covered the event that much. We had all our hopes set on Belsat. All the neighbors asked when the next report was coming out,” said activist Viktar Bartashevich.

Such a big number of success stories led to people writing to us in the hope that Belsat would help rescue a closing dairy plant or repair the roof that has been leaking for eight years now.

“I believe that people are turning to us not get the roof repaired by us, but because they feel powerless. They feel that the authorities, who should deal with the roof, do not listen to them, ignore them and do not notice them,” said Lukasz Byrski, head of the Belsat promotion department.

We will continue to pay attention to your problems.

“It is very important that we encourage people to act together, to integrate, to ensure that people trust each other more,” continued Mr Byrski.

This approach has been bearing fruit for several years.

Thus, after the story about a single mother, Alena Kukol, who was going to sell a kidney to have her house repaired and whom the guardianship authorities threatened to take away her minor son, our viewers collected 10,000 BYN for the woman.

Journalist Hanna Badzyaka handing to Alena Kukol the mobey collected by our viewers

After the story about the Mokas family from Dzyarzhynsk, where the state threatened to take away their five children at once because of a debt for public services, our viewers quickly collected the necessary amount.

“The story came out on Thursday, and at the weekend money began to flow into the account. The amount collected was much larger than needed,” said mother of many children Maryna Mokas.

The most important example of this approach was our latest campaign called “Belaruskamouny” or a Belarusian-speaking person. We encourage people to call the Belarusian language their native during the autumn census. he future state policy in respect of each of you will depend on the number of such answers.

“Basically, all these cases distinguish our channel from the Belarusian state television channels,” adds Mr Byrski.

If you think Belsat can help, contact us.

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