Cleaning lady who became head of settlement cannot resign

Marina Udgodskaya, who won the election of the head of the Povalikhinsky rural settlement of the Kostroma region in Russia as a result of a protest vote, is to officially go to work on October 1. She cannot relinquish her new position and powers, the regional administration’s internal policy department told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. If she does not agree to take up her duties, she will by law have to pay for the organization and conduct of repeated elections.

The source of the publication noted that two curators will be assigned to the newly elected official — from the regional authorities and from the Russian Party of Pensioners for Social Justice, which nominated her as a candidate. They will provide methodological support and help to understand the documents. In addition, Udgodskaya will be sent to study the issues of local self-government, work with finance in the field of property and land relations. The first courses will take place in October. Now the woman does not know either the exact number of settlements included in the village council, or the number of their inhabitants. Before taking office, she will continue to work as a cleaner in the local administration.

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS

The cleaning lady of the administration of the Povalikhinsky rural settlement in the Kostroma region Marina Udgodskaya won the election of the head on a single voting day on September 13. She was the only one who put forward her candidacy against the current leader Nikolai Loktev. At the same time, the official himself asked her to participate in the elections in order to create the appearance of competition. As a result, people voted for her in protest. Now the cleaning lady doesn’t know what to do with the job. In her interviews, she said that she was not ready for it, never worked with documents, planned to resign and was very worried that she had let the current head of the settlement down.

The newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” came up with the initiative to nominate Marina Udgodskaya for the Nobel Peace Prize.