CIA warns Poland of possible terrorist attacks in Warsaw, Berlin, Budapest - media

In mid March the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned Poland’s Agency for Internal Security (ABW) that a number of capitals in Eastern and Central Europe, including Warsaw, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia, could potentially be attacked by terrorists all at once, the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports.

The paper said the World Catholic Youth Meeting planned in Krakow in July was on the CIA’s list of potentially targeted events and it advised that extraordinary security measures should be introduced. A NATO summit planned in Warsaw in July was also on the list.

Illegal use of firearms or explosives might pose the greatest threat to the participants of the World Catholic Youth Meeting which, by the way, be attended by Pope Francis, Rzeczpospolita says. As far as the NATO summit is concerned, an air disaster might happen. In accordance with the CIA estimations, the probability of terrorist attacks is equal to 3.8 on a 0 – 5 scale.

In spite of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the warning, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has lately assured her compatriots that everything is under control of the government.