Cameraman ran over by official driving Mercedes in Naroulya

Information came from journalist Kanstantsin Zhukouski, who, along with cameraman Alyaksei Atroshchankau was filming an economic story in Naroulya.

Zhukouski told “Belsat” that they had two cars following them in Naroulya – “Mercedes” and “Audi”.

“They would not let us work, filming us and others. They were officials in their working time. I offered to hide behind the corner and follow them. They went to the police station. We also stayed, Alyaksei came out and began to film the front of the car to record the Licence plate number. The woman started the car and drove away, even though she saw that he was standing in the front. She hit him in the knee. Alyaksei could not stand straight, he staggered, leaned against the hood. His leg hurt, it was red. Woman hit reverse gear, we pursued them, called the police, but the police did not know what to do,” Zhukouski said.

Name of the offender is well-known — it is the first deputy chair of the Naroulya executive committee Natallia Koval.

“I asked her why they were following us. She said it was her work. In total there were four of them: three women and a man. She was taken to the hospital to check for alcohol, and the rest are sitting in the car, hiding faes,” Zhukouski said.

The Internet page of the Naroulya executive committee has a list of Ms Koval’s duties. It turned out that the official has a very wide range of professional activities.

After the incident, journalists went to the police station. Alyaksei Atroshchankau has filed a case with police.


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