Chechnya: Grozny’s ex-mayor involved in torturing detainees

Islam Kadyrov. Photo:

The Chechen police launched a probe into the former mayor’s alleged ill-treatment of detainees, the TV channel Grozny reports.

Earlier, a number of videos that show Islam Kadyrov, 32, being rude to the detained, using a stun gun and threatening to bring false charges of financing terrorism against them.

According to the ex-mayor of the Chechen capital, he did not want to get anyone electrocuted, his goal was only to ‘put a scare into them so that they would stop [their activity], because thousands of residents of Grozny were in the grip of fraud artists and apartment scammers’. Islam Kadyrov said his not giving them into the hands of law enforcement officers had been a mistake, but he put it down to his state of emotional tension. The official stressed that his actions had been dictated by the desire to help people. At the same time, he expressed readiness to carry punishment for his mistakes.

The Chechen asked for forgiveness from the republic’s leadership and denied reports that he had been allegedly removed from office over the involvement in a conspiracy against Ramzan Kadyrov.

Islam Kadyrov is married to the niece of Chechnya’s strongman. He was in control of Grozny in 2012-2015; before, he headed the Ministry of Property and Land Relations and served as deputy chairman of the Chechen government.

The purge of the ranks was underway in Chechnya as Ramzan Kadyrov suspected a number of the senior officials of disloyalty, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported in October.

‘Disloyal’ officials get tapped and arrested by Chechnya strongman – media

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