Chechnya first: Russia’s region to seal off border over COVID-19 pandemic

Władimir Putin i Ramzan Kadyrov. Photo:

To stop the spread of the coronavirus infection, Chechnya’s authorities are set to ban people from leaving and entering its territory.

“Those who want to come home should return by April, 5. Later, they will not be let in,” Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov announced on Instagram on Wednesday.

Chechnya will stop air, car and train travel with other regions and countries; only suppliers of food products and medicines as well as first aid workers will be an exception. According to him, sanitary measures will be carried out in all towns and villages of the republic.

On April 1, the local authorities reported the first Covid-19 death case. The republic is becoming Russia’s first region to close its border.

The number of coronavirus cases in Russia grew by 771 in the past 24 hours, reaching 3,548, the coronavirus response centre said in a statement on Thursday.

Chechen policemen use pipes to punish quarantine violators