Changing colour? Russian critic of US gets hired at Voice of America

Ilya Kolosov at Voice of America, 10 March 2019. Picture:

Ilya Kolosov, a native of Russia, was a face of the news show Contours on Belarusian TV station ONT in 2015-2017. Previously, he worked for Russia’s RTVI.

As a state-run TV channel employee, Kolosov presented news, did interviews with Belarusian officials. His performance has never run counter the line of the Belarusian TV (which is a mouthpiece of president Lukashenka) or contained any elements of debate, the Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva stresses. Moreover, Kolosov did look as if he was doing his job against his will.

Notably, Kolosov had a hand in propaganda films Бе$ценный доллар and Бе$ценный доллар-2 (Valueless Dollar) stating the US currency ‘unfairly took the world on’.

Later, after short cooperating with with the press-service of the Belarusian Hockey Federation, Kolosov appeared in the Voice of America. He has been working there for several months, making news stories and hosting the news show Week (Неделя) are among his tasks.

The former employee of pro-Lukashenka TV was also spotted in praising the then Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

“I have respect for Chavez, therefore I brought a baseball cap with the profile of the Venezuelan Che from Caracas. I think that we have the same matrix of values ​​coincide. I also like Alyaksandr Lukashenka,” he said.

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