Centenary: Belarus Communists commemorating Red October (photos)

Празднование 100-летия Октябрьской революции в Минске

Today a celebration on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution started at 10 am at the very heart of Minsk.

Several hundred people gathered near the monument to Vladimir Lenin in Independence Square. The official part of the event was not long.

Participants laid flowers to the monument.


КFlowers near the monument to Lenin in Minsk.

Then the representatives of the Communist Party of Belarus made a short speech.

There were mainly aged people filled with nostalgia for the Soviet past in the square.

Rare students say no one has forced them to come here.

Two brothers who moved to Belarus from the United States are holding a Soviet flag.

Jeffrey and Jason are fond of history and sociology. They are great fans of the USSR.

Portraits of Lenin and Stalin were spotted at the event.

Belarus is the only post-Soviet country where November, 7 is a public holiday.




Photos by Vyachaslau Radzimich

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