Businesswoman Ksenya Fyodarava: many will go bankrupt

During the coronavirus crisis, the authorities advised private traders to look for help in their stash. And now they are waiting for economic support?

The past year has become a difficult test for the entire society. Private businesses are feeling the effects of the coronavirus, economic downturn and political crisis. Will we not wake up one day in a world without cafes, beauty salons and other private initiatives? Svyatlana Kalinkina, the host of “Conversations”, and Ksenya Fyodarava, a business woman, talk about this.

“There is no dialogue in any areas. In our country, “Inner Mongolia” seems to have existed for a very long time. Internal Belarus did not prevent external Belarus from working, until they collided, they observed certain rules. And it seemed to me that, subject to certain rules, we also had the right to demand something from the other side. But today everything is back in vertical management, where they tell you what to do and they don’t hear any feedback,” said the guest of the studio, entrepreneur Ksenya Fyodarava.

More details about the state of Belarusian small and medium-sized businesses, the prospects for bankruptcies and unemployment are discussed in the “Conversations” by Svyatlana Kalinkina and business woman Ksenya Fyodarava.