Businessman who lost family in Kemerovo’s blaze set to go into politics

Entrepreneur Igor Vostrikov, whose wife and three kids died in March’s fire in Russia’s Kemerovo, filed a bid for participating in the primaries of the pro-Putin party United Russia hoping to take part in local elections in the regional Duma.

After the blaze, Igor Vostrikov sharply criticized the Ministry of Emergency Situations, local and federal authorities.

Later, the businessman announced founding the organization Voice of the People, which, according to him, will monitor the work of the relevant departments.

He also conducted its own investigation into the the tragedy.

“I was afraid, but now I will not be silent” Vostrikov said at a press conference on May, 10.

The election of deputies to Kemerovo Duma will be held on September 8.

The fire at the shopping mall in central Kemerovo erupted on March 25 on the top floor of the four-storey building engulfing an area of some 1,500 square meters.

As fire alarm failed, the shopping centre staff had to notify visitors about the incident themselves. As a result, many people who were cut off from the way outs had to jump out of the windows. Closed fire escapes and panic escalated the situation.

According to official data, 64 persons died.

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