Business trip becomes disaster for journalists

Reporters Ales Lyauchuk and Milana Kharytonava demanded that the Brest regional court canceled a fine of $ 1,000, which they received after being beaten by Kobryn police while performing their professional duties. Judge Alyaksandr Sauchuk did not satisfy the complaint.

The freelance journalist says that the case hearing in Brest looked “ridiculous.”

The judge asked me if I held the microphone with “Belsat” logo. I said yes. Judge said my guilt was fully proven, says Ales Lyauchuk. – This means that anyone can be detained in Belarus, beaten, tried, and then they will also have to pay fro it”.

Lyauchuk adds that there is no proper judicial system, “Lukashenka’s officials follow orders of the government — it is not necessary to have evidence of guilt for the ‘guilty’ verdict”.

During the hearing of the Milana Harytonova’s case, in response to her complaint about being pulled out of the car by plainclothes police, the judge asked her why she did not present her press card.

“First of all, they did not ask for it, and secondly, it is difficult to do, if you are being dragged by the hands. He listened to me and said, “Yes, of course.” And again: “And why didn’t you show your ID,” said Kharytonava. — I did not understand if he was mocking me or having fun”.

On March 18, the journalists were harshly detained in Kobryn after they covered the non-parasite rally. The journalists were beaten and their equipment was seized. Two protocols were drawn: for “violating the law on mass media” and “disobeying a lawful order or request of an official in the exercise of official authority”. The journalists claim that the police threatened them with execution.

On April 13, the Kobryn district court sentenced the journalists to the fine of almost 2,000 BYN.


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