Business forum: gloomy prospects only to get worse

Private Entrepreneurs’ Forum, traditionally held by the “Perspective” Public association, unites businessmen from across the country. This year they met in the ‘Belarus’ hotel.

The leitmotif of the meeting was the threat of small business’ disappearance.

The forum also attracted the attention of the Belarusian Ministry of Economy.

Authorities are preparing a package of legal acts to stimulate business activity and cancel extra requirements. From the point of view of the state, there is no problem of the falling number of entrepreneurs.

The official math did not satisfy the forum participants.

According to them, the statistics can be manipulated, but the small businesses in the country are currently operating at a loss. And the reason lies not only in the leagl nrms, such as Decree 222 banning trade in imported goods without invoices and certificates. They believe that the purchasing power of Belarusians is at its low.

The Ministry of Economy is aware of the problem and has promised that the government will consider laws on the benefits package for sole proprietors in the middle of the year.

Ministry of Economy’s Strategy assumes that by 2030 the contributions of small and medium business will be up to 50% of GDP — twice as much as now.

Representatives of business associations have already criticized the plan.

Entrepreneurs have sent their proposals on the document, prepared by the Ministry of Economy. After all, rent matters, chipping and certification targets in today’s environment are unachievable for small businesses.They also believe that unless the officials act on their words, there will be noone to contribute to the GDP.

Usevalad Shlykau, “Belsat”, photo: Alyaksei Matsyushkou /

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