Bus with Belarusian children overturns in Romania

Children from Zhlobin were on their way to Bulgaria for holidays. Photo and video from the scene were posted in VK.

The accident occurred late at night on July 8. The driver failed to control the bus, which drove into a ditch and rolled over. There were 50 people inside — 43 children and 7 adults.

According to preliminary information, all of them are alive, and nobody was seriously injured.

Seventeen children and two teachers had been taken to the hospital but later released.

The commentary to the photo says that the children’s phones were taken from them, so that no one would make a video or take pictures.

In the video that appeared under the comments, the woman says that you need to go online and report what happened. To this one of the victims responds that all parents know that all are alive, because they have already been contacted by “some lady”.


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