‘Burger King’ ad campaign fails miserably

They wanted to attract customers, but ended up with scandal. The “Burger King” chain had promised a considerable discount to those with Polish Card in Hrodna in Brest. But the proposal was not to the taste of the card owners. Among the discontented are also those who had to pay the full cost.

The Pole’s Card became the chicken card (Karta Kurczaka). And it came with a considerable discount – 25% for “Chicken Fries.” However, not all owners of the document disliked by the authorities of Belarus are ready to show it in our country. The Polish minority is also not happy witht the card’s name. Although not all Brest and Hrodna residents are so picky.

The social networks, however, did react with outrage. The company made lots of excuses.

Company’s plan was, apparently, this: there are about 100K owners of Polish Card in Belarus. If they bring friends, the profits woould increase even more. But the plan failed since, as we found out from the restaurant staff, only a few people took advantage of the campaign.

“They created a precedent of national segregation. The people who claim to be Polish are given a 25 percent discount on the territory of Belarus. No matter where, in any country, it is, in fact, apartheid,” said publicist Sevyaryn Kvyatkouski.

He believes that marketers mistakenly failed to identify the Polish Card… with nationality.

“People do not understand what the Polish Card is, they think it’s just a bonus, just because your grandmother or grandfather were born on the territory of Western Belarus. And in fact, “Polish people” means the Polish nation. And if a person receives a Card of the Pole, they declare their belonging to the Polish nation,” said Sevyaryn Kvyatkouski.

The hype campaign left both owners of the Polish Card and its critics outraged.

Volha Starastsina, belsat.eu

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