Brutal detention of illegal migrants near Smalyavichy (video)

Belarusian border guards and Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) officers thwarted the activity of a criminal group in the field of illegal transit migration.

On May 29, a car carrying four migrants (two citizens of Afghanistan and two – of India) was detained at a the parking lot in Smalyavichy district near the Moscow – Brest highway. A Russian citizen was driving the migrants. He intended to smuggle his ‘clients’ out of Belarus in the Lithuanian direction.

Other members of the group are on the wanted list. A criminal case has been opened against them for the organisation of illegal migration. They may face imprisonment of up to seven years and confiscation of property. They are now looking for other participants in the criminal group.

The citizens of Afghanistan have been denied entry to Belarus for 5 years, the will be deported to their native country. The two Asian Indians will stand trial for violation of Belarus’ rules of stay. following

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