Brest: Two journalists sentenced to 15 days in jail

On Friday, Brest-based freelance journalists Maksim Khlyabets and Raman Chmel have got a 15-day term of administrative arrest each for ‘participating in an unauthorised rally’.

The sentences have been passed by judges Alyaksandr Semyanchuk and Andrey Hrushko.

Khlyabets and Chmel, who are the contributors to the local newspaper Brestskaya Gazeta, were detained during protests on October 18; it should be noted that the both were covering the rally, performing their journalistic duties. However, they were charged under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (violating rules of holding mass events). Awaiting trials, the men spent three days in the remand prison.

The court hearings were postponed several times; the case materials were sent back to the police department for revision.

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