Brest police shoot protesters with firearms

During the dispersal of the protesters in Brest, the security forces used their service weapons. As a result, one of the protesters received a gunshot wound, the Interior Ministry reports.

The Interior Ministry notes that a group of aggressive citizens attacked the security forces in Brest. It is reported that they allegedly had steel bars in their hands.

Policemen fired warning shots first, but this did not stop the protesters.

“To protect the life and health of the employees, assault weapons were used. One of the attackers was wounded,” the Interior Ministry said.

Since August 9, all over Belarus there have been protests against the recognition of the presidential election results in Belarus. Already on the first day the authorities used tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets against the protesters. One person was killed on August, 10. Hundreds of people were injured.

However, a firearm was first used on August. 11.

According to the ministry, from August 11 to 12, protests were held in 25 settlements. Policemen detained more than a thousand people. Law enforcers have initiated 17 criminal cases against the demonstrators.

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