Brest deputy using police to find people who ‘sent her to moon’


In 2015, the general director of the Brest firm “Laguna” and deputy of the Brest City Council of Deputies Natallya Ilnitskaya became famous in the Belarusian internet space.

Web site of “Laguna”, which owns the “Kavalyova” market posted several photos with her (they are no longer available).

The photo edit, which was easy to see in the pictures, made the deputy a character of dozens of photo memes.


It started with this

On May 14, 2018, the KYKY website reported receiving a letter from the police. It follows from the letter that the law enforcers, based on the statement of the Brest deputy, initiated a search for the authors of the meme.

The police asked the to help find the authors of the photo memes.

According to the deputy, the memes where she is in the hands of the King Kong, on the Moon and on a number of others “do not correspond to reality.”

Here, a few cool memes with the deputy.

Meme from

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